Choosing the Right Event Planner – 3 Tips!

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Top 3 Tips for Choosing the Right Event Planner for Your Event

At the center of any successful event is a successful event planner. A professional event planner is someone who is able to put together events—such as weddings, corporate events, and parties—for other people. Professional event planners may be employed both by individuals and by companies and they can take the guise of an individual event planner or an event planning company. The exact responsibilities undertaken by a planner may vary from event to event and can depend on the level of experience and know-how that the planner has obtained.


Hiring an event planner has many advantages. An event planner can take the stress and frustration of putting together an event away from an individual or company; an event planner has professional experience in putting together events that are entertaining, successful and memorable; and an event planner will have the professional skills, experience and connections that ordinary people do not have. If you are interested in choosing an event planner for your event, consider the following top tips that will help you narrow down your choices.


Tip #1: Choose event planners with legitimate credentials

An event planner is only as good as their past event experiences. It is very important that you find an event planner (or event planning company) with legitimate credentials that will give you an idea not only of the quality of the events they have planned, but what type of experience they actually have. For example, if you need to put together a large, important corporate event and the planner or company that you are looking at has a lot of experience in wedding planning but no experience in corporate events, you may wish to search for a different planner that has the experience you need.


Tip #2: Choose event planners who are about information regarding fees, prices and policies

Budget is a very important part of all events, whether they are weddings or business parties, and there are few things more undesirable than an event planner suddenly springing hidden fees or policies on their client. A good event planner or company will be open about their fees, prices and policies; a good event planner will also ask before taking any actions that might increase the expected or agreed-upon price. If the planner that you are looking at is not willing to be forthcoming about their policies and prices, it is probably best to look elsewhere.


Tip #3: Look for an event planner that is compatible with you or your company

In order for an event to go smoothly, the people involved in planning the event must be compatible. It is important for you, or your company’s representatives, to be in sync with the event planner as much as possible; if the planner does not seem interested in creating an event to your specifications (although professional suggestions should be welcomed!) it may be best to look for a different event planner or company.


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