Attracting a Bigger Crowd Thanks to Bingo

Attracting a Bigger Crowd Thanks to Bingo Attracting a Bigger Crowd Thanks to Bingo
Bingo has been a centuries-old game best enjoyed with a group. Recently, the classic card game gained renewed popularity. That popularity is now being used in various promotions for events and business establishments.

Why is Bingo So Popular

The perennial pastime has always been an easy and engaging game to play. Because of its long history within various countries, it has also helped develop many present societies just like what photographer Michael Hess has discovered in the UK. Sociocultural contributions aside, it is bingo’s social nature that makes the game even more attractive even as time passes. As a game that’s best enjoyed during gatherings, that nature of bingo is what helps it attract people. And with the popularity of social networking sites, game developers found the perfect recipe for making a simple social game into a viral hit. To take it a step further, game developers like Betfair Group Plc. develop ways to make their gaming communities even more proactive. “In order to achieve this, we’re investing significantly in the educational tools and content that we can offer our customers,” Betfair Bingo blog writer Dan Thomas pointed out.

The Different Situations Where Bingo Proved Attractive

Because bingo is able to attract different types of people, many businesses took advantage of that attractive nature to increase their target market coverage. Below are a few examples of how bingo has served to make events and business even more attractive:’

Hipster Bingo and Being All Techie

Sightglass CoffeeWith a direct and sharp design, one cafe has been a hit with young professionals in San Francisco. Sightglass Coffee is one establishment that really attracts the unique hipster subculture that can only be found in the tech-driven Silicon Valley. A social clique that developed at the turn of the millennium, hipsters have been growing exponentially and had even developed their own subcultures. That said, Sightglass has constantly updated their marketing efforts to continually satisfy the very fickle taste of the hipster breed that is unique only to Silicon Valley. One attraction which the cafe utilized that actually came from a trend was hipster bingo.
“In Silicon Valley the hipsters are a bit of a different breed. You see, everything here is just a little overly tech-ingrained-into-everything-you-do that even the hipsters are much more techie,” San Francisco resident and social blogger Beth Lubov pointed out. With this social clique being more technologically-inclined, simple events just won’t do. And as coffee enthusiast and hipster blogger Zerode highlights, one marketing ploy that Sightglass Coffee came up with was Sightglass Bingo.
The gaming event is based on the internet trending ‘hipster bingo’ and as Zerode wrote, “Sightglass Bingo is a cool little app for playing bingo by spotting items at Sightglass Coffee. These kind of social bingo jokes seem to pop up pretty regularly, and when they’re done right they can be quite funny.”

Bingo Nights Mean More Customers

Now if you think only coffee shops are into bingo-themed customer attractions, allow Oregon to prove you wrong. Hipsters may still be the ones to blame for this trend but as Wall Street Journal’s Julie Jargon reported last April 2013, “bingo is the latest old-school pastime enjoying a resurgence among young people, along with knitting, bowling and euchre. (And) for some venues that host bingo, it has been a game-changer.”
One particular venue highlighted by Jargon is the Mississippi Pizza Pub/Atlantis Lounge in Portland, Oregon. “When the Pizza Pub/ Lounge in Portland started hosting Bingo on Monday nights a few months ago, it became a boon for the bar,” Jargon detailed.
Bingo nights, which became an event favorite for the pizza establishment more than the food served, soon became a calendar regular. “It’s totally transformed Mondays from nothing happening to having a full venue and significant sales,” said bar manager Nicole Welle during Jargon’s interview.

Play Bingo In Order To Get Fit

Now bingo’s popularity did not only benefit the food and online gaming industry. The simple card game has even found itself being utilized as a tool to make various fitness and health establishments become more attractive to prospective and existing clients.
There have been many gyms and fitness centers that organized fitness bingo events, and one very recent establishment that joined the bandwagon was Roscoe, Illinois’ NorthPointe Wellness Spa and Fitness Center. Held during the months of June to August of this year, the health establishment tweaked the much loved bingo game replacing the usual numbers with exercise routines and other services that can be found in their center.
As they said on their official website, “Bingo is meant to help you this summer with new and exciting variations to your routine! The prizes give you something fun to work toward to give you that extra push!”
Bingo has certainly proven to be more than just a social pastime. Many industries have found its social nature very beneficial to attracting both existing and new customers. Have a look around your neighborhood as events and businesses might find new vigor thanks to having their own bingo events.
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