Common Wedding Planning Mistakes

Wedding Planning Mistakes


The Most Common Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid

For event planners, weddings are an excellent opportunity to create a memorable, unique event that will hopefully be unforgettable to everyone from the couple-to-be, their friends and their family. Weddings are one of the most common types of events that event planners are hired for and they can range in price and style in a nearly infinite number of directions. Although weddings are one of the most common types of planned events, there are still plenty of pitfalls and mistakes that can be made along the way. If you are preparing to plan a wedding, consider the following most common wedding planning mistakes—and know how to avoid them!


Mistake: Do not make any definite moves until the guest list is absolutely finalized

It may come as a surprise, but the guest list is actually the most important part of the wedding for an event planner. Before themes and décor are discussed, before a location is finalized, before wedding cakes are tested, before anything is officially done, the wedding list must be finalized and submitted. Why is the guest list so important? Because without the list, everything from catering to the location to the entertainment cannot be definitely determined.


For example: If the couple tells you that there will be “probably about 80 people” at their wedding and you secure an approved venue that can seat up to 95 people tops, suddenly finding out that “probably about 80 people” is actually “180 people” can spell disaster. Once the guest list is determined, you can begin to look at the other important choices such as venue, décor, entertainment, etc.


Mistake: Not fully understanding the couple-to-be’s expectations for their wedding

As an event planner, it is your job to translate someone’s ideas and expectations for an event (in this case, a wedding) into reality. Whether that expectation is a traditional, classic banquet hall with white flower garlands and soft pastels or disco-themed, neon colored dining hall that will have people dancing and grooving as soon as they walk in the door.


Unfortunately, when you are not fully aware of what the couple-to-be is expecting for their wedding, you may make assumptions—however reasonable—that may go against their expectations or wishes. It is important to ask your clients the right questions, listen for the right answers, and follow up with them if you think that something you are planning might go against their expectations. Five additional minutes of your time to ask for clarifications can make the difference between a happy and furious client.


Mistake: Forgetting to create an emergency back-up plan

The weather can turn cold, hot or rainy on an outdoor wedding; a booked entertainment guest might become ill or unable to arrive; some extra guests may show up without prior warning. All of these potential pitfalls may happen on the wedding day, which is why you should never fail to have some sort of back-up plan in case things go wrong.


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