Host A VIP Night For Your Business

VIP night


Many companies host a night for their VIPs to get new feet in the doors and just say “thanks” to their customers. Here’s how to put on an event to impress for your business any time of year.


A VIP night night for your business involves opening shop after-hours for regular and special customers, and offering things like small discounts on stock, food, wine and perhaps even a short spiel giving details or advice that staff aren’t always at liberty to provide during working hours.


These events can also give customers the opportunity to meet senior managers/owners who may not always be available.


Good VIP nights should also offer special customer service and product knowledge, as well as rewarding regular customers for their loyalty to the business – which can assist in word-of-mouth.


Wondering how to put together a successful VIP night for your business? Here are some tips:


Get your invitations organized: You might want to send your invitation out to your VIP email database, or make a small card which you give out to customers when they come into the store. Whatever you decide, make sure you’re reaching the right people and encourage them to bring family and friends.


Work out what your value proposition is: Are you aiming to say “thanks for a great year”, or are you aiming to sell stock at a discount?


Work out logistics and catering: Give your guests some time to get to the store and allow time for them to be a bit late. If you’re providing champagne on arrival, make sure you have a staff member on hand to deliver, and if you are providing drinks don’t forget some simple canapés or snacks. The purpose is to make your guests feel special!


Impart some knowledge or go that extra service mile: You might consider personalized fittings, wardrobe analysis or even a presentation about an interesting product or service. Anything your VIPs can talk about after the event means valuable things for increasing your word of mouth.


Get your suppliers on board: A small gift for your VIPs could be provided by one of your suppliers, which is good for their brand and increases the feeling of ‘special’.


Have FUN and get your staff there and mingling with your customers.