Why Choose An Entertainment Agency?

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Thinking Of Hiring An Entertainment Agency For Your Event?

When it comes to event planning, one of the major challenges faced by the event planner is deciding on which forms of entertainment is best suited for their event. As with a majority of events, especially corporate events, the live entertainment will reflect on the people hosting the event so best impressions are vital. In order to ensure that the event is a success, a number of event planners turn to an entertainment agency to provide live entertainment. Having background knowledge on how entertainment can be selected to provide the best overall experience is a big advantage to the event, and ensures repeat business.


Here are 11 Reasons to use a Talent Booking Agency:

1.     Booking agencies are available 7 day a week to address your concerns.
2.     Booking agencies can find the perfect entertainment based on years of experience. They can make suggestions from a pool of hundreds of appropriate performers based on your event objectives and guest demographics.
3.     Booking agencies can negotiate fair contracts. Protect everyone.
4.     Booking agencies can coordinate travel and lodging arrangements & itineraries if needed.
5.     Booking agencies can arrange for all production, e.g. lighting, sound, power or staging.
6.     Booking agencies will put your deposits in safe escrow accounts.
7.     Booking agencies are available to make last minute changes to contracts if needed.
8.     Booking agencies can usually provide an on-location show producer to make sure the entertainment at your event runs smoothly if requested.
9.     Booking agencies have access to 1000’s of acts worldwide.
10.    Booking agencies can suggest entertainment that you may not have thought of and can save you money!
11.    Booking agencies screen all acts before suggesting to the client.



Written by Ken Fine