The Three Waiters…or Are They?

The Three Waiters


The world-renowned corporate entertainment act, “The Three Waiters”, have recently performed their 4,000th show, worldwide. The private event took place in Manhattan at a favorite restaurant of guest of honor former Mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani. Opera and Musical Theatre has the engaging habit of appearing in the most unsuspected places. For this we can give a lot of credit to the international corporate entertainment act, “The Three Waiters.”


In this unique entertainment genre, the act is now, literally, a phenomenon offering a combination of surprise, sophisticated humor and astounding voices. The “act” involves classically trained opera singers infiltrating corporate dinners and masquerading as food and beverage waiters, the Banquet Manager, a sommelier or chef. An unexpected scenario ensues, taking the unsuspecting guests through an amusing performance in the style of “The Three Tenors.” Audiences are delighted and impressed as they are truly taken in by the hoaxing of the performers. Standing ovations, shouts of “encore” and rooms full of waving and napkins are nightly occurrences.


From humble beginnings in Sydney in 1999, co-directors and creators Mark Bradley and Darryl Lovegrove have now seen their show being performed in 55 countries. In 5 years Bradley and Lovegrove have turned “a bit of a joke” into a multi-million dollar business with teams in New York, Los Angeles, London, Sydney and Melbourne.


With around seventy performers recruited worldwide, the teams of performers find themselves rather busy traveling all over the world performing at various types of functions from conference dinners to weddings, birthday parties to gala extravaganzas. Says Bradley, “Opera has great universal appeal but can sometimes be seen as a bit stuffy. Our aim was to make it user-friendly, and to throw away the boring bits.” Says partner Lovegrove, “The act is humorous, interactive and sophisticated but what really impresses audiences is the quality of the voices they hear – our guys are the real thing.”


The act won the US ‘Entertainer of the Year’ category at the Event Solutions magazine’s ‘Spotlight Awards’ in 2002 after only being in the country for a year. Three years later and the act has been performed in 42 states across America. Having performed for a variety of well-known government officials, royals and famous entrepreneurs the greatest milestone for the act was when they were chosen as the exclusive act to perform for “The Three Tenors” following their last concert together in the UK. They were honored with a standing ovation from none other than Pavarotti, Domingo and Carerras.



Author: Blue Moon Talent, Inc.