Values Of Team Building Beyond The Office

Drum Cafe West Team Building


Have you ever observed the feelings you experience while on vacation? Do you mysteriously find it easier to connect with your loved ones and have new conversations when you’re outside of your normal environment? Do you notice that you feel further bonded and connected to them once you return?


Removing ourselves from our daily environment is a key component of relieving stress. Relieving this stress often results in feelings of relaxation and leaves us open to new experiences, interactions and conversations. Much the same way vacationing can help bond us with those closest in our personal lives, taking team building efforts outside of the office can have a similar effect on the bonds between coworkers.


Some of the most significant team building experiences happen outside of the 9-5 space. We here at Drum Cafe West experience that often. We’ve presented our program in a wide variety of spaces from the office conference room to hotel ballrooms, outdoor venues, retreat spaces and more. Something magical happens when employees are removed from their usual posts. A change of venue puts everyone on an equal playing field, and in many cases allows coworkers to see one another as individuals as opposed to identifying each other by their job duties. Pair a change in venue with an interactive experience like drumming, and just imagine the response from your team. It’s quite a powerful experience when members of a huge organization can tangibly understand the individual contributions of each person rather than the contributions of each department. Recognizing the marketing department’s contributions and value is not the same as recognizing that Sally from Chicago and Tim from Omaha make up that department and make their own personal contributions and have their individual value within the organization.


Corporate team building doesn’t have to happen while doing ice-breakers at the conference table— in fact in most cases, it won’t happen there. It will happen when everyone steps outside to see one another as they can relate— as individuals.


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