Where To Find Event Funding

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Getting funding for an event can be one of the most challenging aspects of managing an event, but it is also one of the most important.


Funding for events can be in the form of cash or contra. Finding these opportunities is a matter of thinking both inside and outside of the square.


A contra deal is where someone supplies products or services to you and in return, you supply products or services to them. No cash changes hands and each party gets what they need.


Look to your sponsors for contra deals as well as places like printers, graphic designers and advertising opportunities whose costs can be the highest for an event.


Where to Find Funding and Grants

Unless events have a wealthy benefactor, raising the funds to stage an event is a common stumbling block that new events encounter. Don’t be discouraged though, as there are a number of funding and grant opportunities open to you depending on the theme and purpose of your event.


The first place to look for funding and grant opportunities is through local, state and federal governments. Check local council websites, or give the tourism/economic development person a call and ask them what type of funding is available. Funding available may not be cash – it might be free banners or free advertising on the council website…but every little bit counts.


Use the Government to Help Fund Your Event


Check the state and federal government websites and in NSW, you can also log onto the Department of State and Regional website to find current funding opportunities. Regional arts groups are also another excellent source of funding and grant opportunities. More often than not, regional state funded arts groups will provide a newsletter so get on their mailing list. This will include all grant and funding opportunities available in the arts community.


Make Funding a Priority


Good record keeping is essential when applying for grants and funding, and if assistance is needed for filling out forms or understanding what is required – remember to contact the tourism person at local councils, they will be able to assist or direct you to the best place for assistance.


Assign someone in the committee to the task of applying for funding and grants so it’s assured someone is managing this important aspect of the event. Have them apply for grants, develop contra deals and liaise with sponsors constantly to ensure opportunities are taken as soon as they are made available.


Money is the key that unlocks any event, so make funding a priority and ensure there are plenty of spare keys!



Author: Jennifer Birchall